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Agile - the perfect combination of style, performance and comfort. With its lightweight design and cutting-edge features, Agile is the perfect choice for those seeking a more active lifestyle. Enjoy effortless maneuverability, superior ergonomics and easy access to the controls you need. With Agile, you will have the confidence and freedom to take on any challenge.

moving with the Agile Wheelchair. It’s lightweight, yet powerful, and features a durable frame and adjustable armrests for added comfort and safety.


The innovative design of the Agile Wheelchair ensures a smooth ride, wherever life takes you. Its quick-release wheels make it easy to fold up and store, making it perfect for travel.


Experience convenience and freedom with the Agile Wheelchair. Its simple setup and intuitive design makes it easy to use, while its attractive styling ensures you’ll always look your best.

Agile Wheelchair

PriceFrom £395.00
  • Click the following Download Link to see the full User Manual + the Specifications of each size on page 54-57.

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