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Developed with innovative and strong carbon fibre, the AirFold provides a stylish slimline design, is super lightweight and folds easily to an excellent compact size.

The carbon fibre technology used in the AirFold is strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

Designed to be exceptionally easy to transport; the AirFold is compact and lightweight, featuring a convenient integral grab handle to aid carrying and lifting into a car boot. This premium chair comes with a protective two handled storage bag as standard which helps to move and protect the chair from scuffs during transportation. The integral grab handle and storage bag handle make it easy to pull along in trolley style.

AirFold Carbon

  • Height 93cm (36.6")
    Width 57cm (22.4”)
    Length 93cm (36.6")
    Height (Closed) 32cm
    Length (Closed) 79cm
    Width (Closed) 57cm (22.4”)
    Seat Height 49cm (19.3")
    Seat Depth 42cm (16.5")
    Seat Width 44cm (17.3")
    Backrest Height 46cm (18.1")
    Backrest Width 46cm (18.1")
    Batteries 24V, 12Ah, Lithium
    Battery Weight 1.7kg (3.12lb)
    Ground Clearance 6.5cm
    Max Gradient
    Number of Batteries 1
    Product Weight 15.85kg (34.94lb) excluding battery
    Turning Radius 120cm
    User Weight Capacity 115kg (18st)
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