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The Boston can be used as a general porter chair, but is equally suited to conditions, such as Parkinson’s that require a chair that can be used as part of an intensive 24-hour care programme.


With its choice of interchangeable seat and back cushion designs, each with its own unique pressure management features, combined with the chairs extensive range of movement delivered through the unique mechanism it can be used across a wide range of users with differing conditions.


Highly engineered it provides the user and the carer with an extensive range of pressure management features, including the mechanism that allows for the independent movement of the Tilt in Space, Backrest Recline and Leg Rest Elevation functions enabling a whole range of postural positions. The carer can continually reposition the user to redistribute pressure and provide all day comfort.

Boston Porter Chair

  • The Boston comes in either an electric or manual model.  The features are the same for both models except that the electric model comes with a rechargeable battery pack as standard and a handset that will operate the main movements of the chair which are the Independent Tilt in Space, Backrest Recline and Leg Rest adjustments. All other adjustments / movements are operated manually on both models.

    Both models come with:

    • Independently operated Tilt in Space (manual or electric operation)
    • Independently operated Backrest Recline (manual or electric operation)
    • Independently operated Leg Rest (manual or electric operation)
  • There is a choice of eight interchangeable and adjustable pressure management back cushions that enable the chair to be adapted to a single user’s changing needs or to adapt the chair to another user. This ensures greater longevity of its usage.

    In addition, all cushions can be repositioned to suit a user’s individual seating preferences and fibres added or removed from fibre filled cushions to adjust firmness. Covers can also be removed for cleaning.

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