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Kitchen Workstation


The Kitchen Workstation is a multifunction food preparation unit that assists with many day-to-day kitchen tasks. The large, durable chopping board features a raised, L-shaped corner that can hold bread and toast in place while spreading, and removable stainless steel spikes secure bread, fruit or vegetables while being sliced, chopped or peeled.


Food Prep Made Easy


A removable clamp can hold various objects in place, such as a bowl, a tin or food, making food preparation easier. The removable grater and slicer mount to the chopping board, making one-handed use possible with minimum mess and waste. Four non-slip suction pads firmly secure the workstation in place. Dishwasher-safe.




  • Overall dimension 50 x 30 cm (193/4 x 113/4")
  • Clamp width 11 cm (41/4")
  • Weight 1.24 kg (23/4 lbs)



Homecraft Kitchen Workstation

SKU: 081112259
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