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These Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Soft Grip Double Adjustable Junior Crutches are specifically designed to provide excellent support and assistance for young individuals with limited mobility or those recovering from injuries.


Featuring a comfortable soft grip handle, these crutches ensure a secure and comfortable hold for juniors. The black/red handle adds a sleek and stylish element to the design, complementing the overall appearance. 


The hardwearing foot tread on these crutches offers superior grip compared to traditional ferrules, providing enhanced stability and preventing slips. The foot tread remains in constant contact with the ground, ensuring reliable traction and promoting safety during use.


These crutches are double adjustable, allowing for easy customisation of the height to accommodate the growth and specific needs of juniors. Additionally, they are designed with a open cuff, offering additional security and stability during mobility.

Soft Grip Double Adjustable Junior Crutch

PriceFrom £34.99
    • Minimum handle height: 700mm (27.55")
    • Maximum handle height: 900mm (35.43")
    • Maximum user weight: 100kg (15.5st)
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