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Mobeli is the original among the mobile grab handles. Mobeli grab handles have a safety indicator that permanently monitors its vacuum state and adhesive force. If the warning jack raises and the red edge of the jack becomes visible, the Mobeli suction head must be released and refastened. A very safe design. They provide enormous adhesive strength (diameter suction pad 120mm) and are available in different lengths and styles. Simply press both suction pads onto a non-porous surface. The Quatro Plus has four suction pads and has a much higher carrying load. It is extremely flexible and thanks to the integral universal joints it is possible to fasten the Quatro Plus in all directions including across corners.

Mobeli Quatro Plus Handle

PriceFrom £325.99
  • 220-325mm - 125kg

    320-445mm - 125kg

    420-545mm - 110kg

    665-790mm - 110kg

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