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These Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Soft Grip Double Adjustable Kids Crutches are specially made for children with limited mobility or those recovering from injuries. They provide excellent support and assistance while ensuring the safety and comfort of young users.


The soft grip handles are designed to fit comfortably in their hands, providing a secure and comfortable grip. These crutches for children are visually appealing thanks to the vibrant red handles and other brightly coloured components. 


One of the key features of these crutches is the revolutionary Flexyfoot ferrule. With flexible bellows that absorb shock upon contact, these crutches minimise discomfort in the arms and upper body. This shock-absorbing mechanism is particularly beneficial for children who may have more delicate bodies.


The hardwearing foot tread on these crutches offers enhanced grip compared to traditional ferrules, providing stability and preventing slips. The tread remains in contact with the ground at all times, ensuring maximum traction for young users.



The crutches are double adjustable, allowing for easy customisation of the height to suit the needs of growing children. 

Soft Grip Double Adjustable Kids Crutch

PriceFrom £34.99
    • Minimum handle height: 570mm (22.4")
    • Maximum handle height: 745mm (29.3")
    • Maximum user weight: 100kg (15.5st)
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